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About Us -- Our History


Apostolic Evangelism with a Prophetic Thrust for Domestic & Global Mission Fields

EMMANUEL Ministries International's (EMI) focus since 1989 has been and is Apostolic Evangelism with a prophetic thrust for the global mission field - addressing the needs of the poor, the under-privileged youth in highly populated areas where there are no facilities to accommodate and assist them in fulfilling their God-given potential. EMI ministers know that the needs of God's people are the same in every language and on every continent.

  • -- Discipleship Training Ministry; Spiritual Growth Counseling
  • -- Local and Global Community Outreach; Miracle Crusades
  • -- Elderly Ministry; Children and Youth Ministries, Families
  • -- Prison Ministry; Single Mothers' Ministry

Apostle Barbara Gould, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, is founder and president of EMMANUEL Ministries International based in New Mexico with a LOVE CENTER* in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center, a member of RHEMA Ministerial Association International (RMAI), and a covenant minister with Bread of Life Fellowship International. Apostle Barbara Gould remains true to the EMI Vision.

 *LOVE CENTERS: The Love Centers of Albuquerque with headquarters in Rio Rancho

Why the Love Centers?​

As I travelled to various places and I saw the people, especially the children and youth, my heart reached out to them. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the scripture which He had given me when He called me to go. He said to me: "when you preach and people come to Me, never leave My sheep scattered." In my heart was birthed the desire to gather these people, especially youth, in a place where they could come to know how much God loves them and that they were placed on planet earth for a purpose. I wanted them to know that God has a specific purpose for their lives and help them to walk in their destinies. I wanted them to realize that knowing the Lord Jesus Christ is really a life of joy, peace and good success.

The focus of Love Centers to carry out a part of EMMANUEL Ministries International's (EMI's) vision is:

  • Prayer -- God has called us to be a house of prayer (eventually becoming a 24x7) House of Prayer
  • Worship -- Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Outreach -- Evangelize. The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few
  • Discipleship -- Teach, edify, mature
  • Fellowship -- Enjoy the family
  • Ministry -- Equip to serve in the Body of Christ

The Target:

The lost, unchurched, poor, oppressed, downtrodden, bruised, crushed, addicted, brokenhearted and sick...

The hurting, wounded, dying ... the homeless, prisoners, ex-inmates, the elderly, widows, unwed mothers, children, youth, families ... any others!

EMMANUEL Ministries International - God is with Us

Contact us today: 505-489-9772

or 347-512-1621

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