An Anointed Ministerial Team of Men
And  Women Working Together With One Mind
In One accord to Build the Kingdom of God
                     Ephesians 4: 11 - 16
               Going Forth and Possessing the Land
       Proclaiming Liberty to the Captives
 Building up the Kingdom of God
EMMANUEL Ministries International's (EMI's) God given vision is continually unfolding as the Holy Spirit leads:
  • Going Forth and Possessing the Land  Properly training, preparing called men and women of God and launching mission-readied ministerial  teams to engage in spiritual warfare and rightly reclaim our spiritual and physical inheritance around the world.
  • Proclaiming Liberty to the Captives  Reaching out to God's people around the world to declare the Glory of Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, manifestation of mighty signs, great wonders and powerful working of miracles.
  • Building up the Kingdom of God   Following God's Visionary Plan to establish International Love Centers to meet the spiritual, mental, physical, social and economical needs of a multitude of scattered lost souls, who like sheep have need of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
The disciples went forth, preaching everywhere, the Lord working with them, confirming the Word with signs following - not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of God.   
- Mark  16:20; Zechariah  4:6
EMMANUEL Ministries International - God is with Us

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EMMANUEL Ministries International's (EMI's) mission is to preach the Word of God in the Power of the Holy Spirit and Declare the Glory of God among the nations, His Wonders among all people...heal the sick, and proclaim unto all - the Kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.
- Psalm 96:3; Luke 10:9
  • Establish LOVE CENTERS globally with the primary focus on the Caribbean Islands.
  • Prepare each LOVE CENTER to become a place of refuge and protection for the weary, a source of strength for the weak, encouragement for the oppressed and salvation for humanity that can only come from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  • Prepare each LOVE CENTER to be a strong, loving place for children, youth and the elderly--a place where they will have the opportunity to know God, to love Him, to grow in HIM and fulfill their destinies.
EMMANUEL Ministries International ministerial teams' Christian mandate:
to carry out the GREAT COMMISSION.
ANOINTED men and women of God who are WILLING to follow God wholly, YIELD to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, TAUGHT by the Holy Spirit, seasoned with GRACE, devoted to EXCELLENCE - all together with one mind in one accord.
  • To build up the Kingdom of God through teaching, equipping and providing assistance, as necessary .            
  • To offer excellent opportunities to the Body of Christ to learn and be established in biblical principles, promote specialty seminars, related  books, and publish materials to encourage the Body of Christ to grow and glorify God.
  • To establish a fund to assist the Leadership and ministerial workers who have a desire to continue their Christian education or attend seminars/conferences for spiritual and economical growth.
EMMANUEL Ministries International - God is with Us
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